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For over two decades ProFire has worked to bring firestop systems and effective compartmentation to the construction and building management industries.

We take pride in working with building owners, architects and consultants, construction trades and building and fire inspection authorities to ensure codes and standards are met and that buildings are safe for life and property.

We have worked on some of the largest and most important properties in the GTA and southern Ontario, including major hospitals, arenas, factories and office towers.

Pro Firestop continues to provide firestopping and caulking for commercial, institutional, industrial and residential applications. Visit our project gallery to see examples of our major projects.

Firestopping Services

We offer complete firestopping services, including:

  • Maintaining the integrity of fire separations
  • Firestopping of mechanical and electrical penetrations
  • Firestopping of architectural joints
  • Knowledge and understanding of building and fire code standards

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Caulking Services

We offer complete interior and exterior sealants installation.

Our installations are of the highest standard and meet all building code requirements.

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