When experience counts Pro-Firestop delivers.

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When experience counts Pro-Firestop delivers.

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When experience counts Pro-Firestop delivers.

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Reliable Firestop Contractor in Ontario Since 1989

We are one of the few companies in Canada that are ULC-qualified, certified firestop contractors. We are a trusted and experienced firestop contractor in Ontario who has worked to bring firestop systems and effective compartmentation to the construction and building management industries since 1989.

About Us

PFS has worked on some of the largest and most important properties in the GTA and Ontario. Our team prides itself on working with building owners, architects and consultants, construction trades, and building and fire inspection authorities to ensure that buildings meet the codes and standards.

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Our Services

We are committed to correctly selecting and installing firestop systems. Our company offers complete firestopping services, including:

• Maintaining the Integrity of Fire Separations.
• Firestopping of Mechanical and Electrical Penetrations.
• Firestopping of Architectural Joints.
• Knowledge and Understanding of Building and Fire Code Standards.

Our Projects

PFS continues to provide firestopping services for commercial, hi-rise residential, industrial, health industry, and institutional and aviation industry applications. View examples of our major projects.

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